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Windows Backup
If you’re like me, you have a ton of video files and music on your computer. Just last year I lost everything. All my music, videos, movies, and all my personal documents. All gone because my hard drive crashed and I didn’t use a Windows backup service. After that, I decided to do something.I found myPC Backup. They offer free Windows backup. It’s 100% automated and they also provide unlimited storage. Perfect for videos! If you have videos, music, or other files you can’t live without, I suggest that you backup your computer now.



How Does the Windows Backup Software Work?

The software is 100% automated. You install the application, configure what you want it to backup, and it seamlessly syncronizes your stuff over the internet. Videos, photos, files, music, whatever. A true set it and forget it system. The Windows software uses encryption so all your files are safe and secure. You just need to join for free and download the MyPC Backup application.

One great feature of this application is the ability to access your files from anywhere. For example, You leave on an important business trip and you forgot to put the presentation on your laptop! No problem. The backup software syncs files from all of your computer. You didn’t know it, but your presentation is already on your laptop!

How Much Cloud Storage Space?

Many Windows backup services use a Cloud Storage model. Unfortunately, most of them also limit the amount of storage you have. This means if you have a lot of pictures, videos, and big spreadsheets you may find yourself out of space! My personal video collection is huge and other backups services just don’t work for me. With MyPC Backup, they provide UNLIMITED storage. You could probably backup your whole hard drive if you wanted it. So if you’re like me and have a lot of stuff. It’s really important to choose carefully when you pick a Windows backup service.

Why Not Just Use The Built-In Windows Backup?

The built in Windows Backup does not really keep your files safe. It allows you to backup your windows operating system locally. The problem with that is if your hard drive crashes, or you loose the backup disk your out of luck. This is why a Remote Backup Service is important. These online backup services keep your files safe in a big data center with redundant storage. They even keep their own backups so if they have a crash (everyone experiences problems at one point or another), they have duplicate copies or redundant storage tiers to prevent data loss. So, go ahead and use the built in Windows Backup, but you should also use a service like MyPC Backup.

Can I Still Use The Built-In Windows Backup?

Yes. I still suggest it actually. What I did was follow this YouTube video and then used MyPC Backup to backup the image into the cloud. I did this because if I lose my backup image locally, I can just download it and use that to restore my computer. Using multiple backup methods is highly advised so if you already use another type of backup, I still recommend using cloud storage.


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